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Providence Christian School exists as a ministry of First Presbyterian Church (FPC) in partnership with local families who share FPC's vision for classical, Christ-centered education. This educational model emphasizes character development and academic excellence. The families of the school will be seen as having the primary responsibility for the spiritual, intellectual, and physical instruction of their children. The school's aim is to provide a loving atmosphere that complements a godly home. With regard to both academic excellence and godly character development, our mission is, by God's grace.

At the Cultural Arts Center, their Fine Arts Department's Theater group is housed. The Fine Arts Department seeks to foster the creative impulse in every student, whether their medium of choice is a musical instrument, paint, clay or the stage. Art is a means for interpreting and expressing ideas related to God’s creation. Vincent Van Gogh said, “When I have need of – shall I say – religion, then I go out and paint the stars.” The arts connect us to God, and allow us to communicate ideas related to Him which don’t always lend themselves to mere words.

With each performance or exhibition, both the student and the audience have an opportunity to experience new facets of His glory and grace. Our role in the Fine Arts Department is to oversee and develop all forms of the arts: visual, musical, choral, and dramatic. 

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